I am Octavio Olivas, founder and owner of CEVICHE PROJECT, a concept that my wife Shannon and I have been dreaming about and developing for several years. I work in law by trade and enjoy rock-climbing and spinning records for fun but my passion is preparing Ceviche. I was born in Mexico City and my love for the cuisine started when my parents introduced me to the sea at a very young age. My dad used to take me fishing in Mexico and together we'd prepare a fresh and simple citrus-marinated-fish using the catch of the day. Since then I have lived in New York, London and Los Angeles... tasting Ceviche in as many places and as often as I can. My travels have brought many moments of inspiration that I've incorporated into my own recipes. Today, CEVICHE PROJECT is a Los Angeles-based pop-up concept that aims to bring together family, friends, music and new tastes in a communal and one-of-a-kind dining experience. We hope you will join us at a CEVICHE PROJECT gathering soon!

Octavio Olivas at "El Tecuan" Costa Alegre, Jalisco, Mexico 1984.







                                                 Aphrodisiac Dinner from TRUFFL on Vimeo.



                                                  Electro Omakase from TRUFFL on Vimeo.